We offer year round dance classes. 

The classes are filled at enrollment time & are not easily filled if a student drops out in the middle of the year. We do not accept students on a trial basis. Each dance student is expected to continue through the year until the recital in June.

Dance Placements-Practice-Programs

Students are placed according to training, age, ability & effort. I feel this guarantees the steady progress of 

Visitors Days (Dance classes only)

Parents may visit during the second week in December. Do try to make every effort to visit, as your attendance gives us the opportunity to discuss progress or problems. Visitors must be at least 4 years old. Please observe our NO SMOKING rule in the Gym & Studios.

-Dance Attire-

Ballet & Tap—Preschoolers wear a pink leotard ordered by the studio. 2nd-4th year students must wear a black leotard & pink tights. 5th year students & up may wear any solid colored leotards with pink or suntan tights.

Jazz, Modern, Clogging, & Hip-Hop - All classes may wear any colored leotard & tights. Biker shorts are acceptable. No t-shirts. Hair must be worn up & away from face at all times. 

    -Dance Recital-

Our recital is scheduled each year in late spring or early summer. Recital fees are non-refundable. Please reserve two weeks before the recital for pictures & rehearsals. Most of the costumes are ordered in December. Average cost of costumes are $100 each. You will pay a $50.00 non-refundable deposit on each costume in November. The balance will be posted in December & must be paid in full at this time.